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District Policy Manual


The board considers policy development as one of its chief functions and it is the intent of the board to develop written policies for the successful and efficient functioning of the Spaulding High School Union District #61. The board further recognizes the need for continual growth and improvement of policies. It therefore will establish a schedule for review of policies every three to five years.

The board accepts the definition of policy as set forth by the National School Boards Association:  Policies are principles adopted by the school board to chart a course of action.  They tell what is wanted; they may include why and how much. Policies should be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be followed by the administration in meeting a number of problems; narrow enough to give clear guidance. Policies are guides for action by the administration, who then sets the rules and regulations to provide specific directions to school district personnel.

It is the board's intention that its policies serve as sources of information and guidance for all people who are interested in or connected with the Spaulding High School Union District #61.

The policies of the board are framed, and are meant to be interpreted, in terms of Vermont laws, rules, and regulations. They are further framed and interpreted in terms of those educational objectives, procedures, and practices which are broadly accepted by authorities in the public education field.


The Spaulding High School Union District #61 Policy Manual is organized into eight sections as recommended by the Vermont School Boards Association. To locate a policy, determine in what major section such a policy would appear, then click on the section and read the index until you find the term that most closely fits the topic you are seeking. Use the code letters for the term to locate the policy.

Included, when required by law, are clarifying documents. They are attached to the policies with which they are associated. Procedures, as defined by Spaulding High School and the Central Vermont Career Center, are not part of this policy document, but may be reviewed online or at the school’s front office.

To view policies in each of the following sections, click on the section heading you wish to view in the files on the right hand side of the page.

Note: Every effort has been made to make these documents compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are unable to view or read any of these documents, please contact Luke Aither at 802-476-4811, or via email at, and we will mail the document(s) you require out to you.

Policy Sections

A - School Board Policy

B - School Board Members

C - School Board Meetings and Organization

D - Personnel

E - Business / Non-Instructional operations

F - Students

G - Instruction

H - School/Community Relations

K - Community Relations